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Pre & Post Pregnancy Wellness Guide By Health Coach Karishma Shah

The news of being pregnant makes you feel happy and excited to experience the moments of life growing inside you. You must have read many articles and blogs to know what to do and what not to do during pregnancy. Having some healthy habits and the best diet for pregnancy as a part of your daily routine will help you have a healthy and positive pregnancy and positively impact baby development. Some habits that you must follow-

Nutrition And Daily Habits To Follow During Pregnancy

Sleep Properly

Take a nap every day whenever you feel low and tired. When you move further in your pregnancy, your belly starts getting more prominent, when you can’t sleep properly. Growing in the size of your belly and weight would lead you to discomforts. Take an extra rest for better development of the baby.
Sleep Properly in Pregnancy
Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Yes, drinking plenty of water is very important for you during pregnancy. You need more water in your body than before; make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

Reduce Stress

Keeping yourself away from the stressful situation is your core responsibility during pregnancy, as taking stress during pregnancy will affect the baby’s birth and impact the baby’s brain development. Talk with your loved ones to reduce the stress.
Reduce Stress
Indulge Yourself In Spiritual Activities

Indulge Yourself In Spiritual Activities

From the earlier time, elders of the family ask pregnant women to do spiritual activities during pregnancy to impart the virtues and intellect to the child inside the womb. Spiritual activities like praying to god, listening to devotional and soothing music, participating in Punsawan and Simmantonyan sanskaras, listening to garbh sanskar music, Vedic mantras, and ragas, and a lot more to have a healthy and intelligent baby.

Yoga And Meditation

Meditating during pregnancy helps you increase the concentration level of the baby in the womb and helps you feel relaxed and calm throughout your incredible journey.  These are some healthy habits that you should do when you are pregnant. For Punsawan and Simmantonayan sanskar, you can download Krishna coming garbh sanskar app and do the sanskars with the help of the experts. Enjoy these nine months and make it a memorable experience of your life.   A pregnant woman needs to take care of her baby and her health. During the initial few months of a lady’s pregnancy, the lady’s body experiences many changes. There is a significant change in the hormonal levels of the pregnant lady due to the building of a new blood circulation system. Eating a balanced and healthy diet can help you deliver a healthy baby.
Yoga And Meditation
Don't Skip Breakfast

Don't Skip Breakfast

Always eat more food in the morning. Never skip your breakfast during pregnancy. Try to make a habit of including cereals and fruit at breakfast.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Include some fat-free and whole-grain foods in your snacks. Always eat plenty of whole grains and beans.

Limit The Intake Of Caffeine & Alcohol:

Avoid or try to limit the intake of alcohol and caffeine in your food. Intake of toxins through your food can affect your baby. A pregnant woman needs more proteins, iron, and iodine.
Limit The Intake Of Caffeine & Alcohol
Right Amount Of Calories

Get The Right Amount Of Calories

During the first trimester, you do not need any extra calories. During the second trimester, a woman needs 340 extra calories extra. In the last trimester, a pregnant woman needs 450 extra calories.

Fruits & Vegetables

A pregnant woman should eat more fruits and vegetables according to the post pregnancy weight loss diet plan. They are rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Intake of more fruits and vegetables is good for the baby’s health. The total number of calories during pregnancy depends on her height and weight before becoming pregnant.

Dairy Products

Foods rich in Protein help the baby to grow properly. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yoghurt are rich in calcium and other nutrients. They contain some essential nutrients that are healthy for the growing baby.

Fruits & Vegetables

Pre & Post Pregnancy Nutrition Diet Plan By Health Expert Karishma Shah

Nutrition should always be a priority, but it becomes even more vital when you’re having a baby. It is crucial to stick to good health habits during this chapter in your life according to the nutritionist for pregnancy near me. Ensuring you obtain all of the nutrients your body requires will help to promote safe pregnancy and a healthy environment for your baby. After giving birth, your body desires nutrients and nourishment. Whether you intend to lose pregnancy weight or to transfer nutrients to your infant through breastfeeding, we will guide you through this significant phase of your life with our  pregnancy diet chart.

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Pre & Post Pregnancy (FAQ) Answered By Women's Health Coach Karishma Shah

The best time to take a pregnancy test is when periods or monthly menstrual cycles are late. This step shall help in keeping away from any form of confusion.  

You can take a pregnancy test whenever your period is occuring behind time because that is when these  tests are known to work the best. It is always suggested to take the pregnancy test at the earliest.

Things one should eat during pregnancy are fruits, whole grains, different types of vegetables, fat-free or low-fat dairy or milk products along with high protein food.

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