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Nutrition & Wellness Programs By Nutritionist Karishma Shah

Karishma Shah and her team aims to provide clients with the knowledge and space to make their own decisions that they feel empowered in. We guide them and help facilitate gradual changes, providing support along the way. Ww are also available outside of sessions because this is when the real work is done. Clients also receive ongoing support, tips, recipes, and guidance to make sustainable improvements to their health and lifestyle.

Highlights Of The Program

  • In-depth health history consultation
  • 60-minute initial consultation and monthly coaching sessions.
  • Once a month a regular follow up session via voice call or video call.
  • Weekly update session via message with the team for the whole program duration.
  • Behaviour Modification Therapy for your personality type
  • Recommendation of Exercises and nourishing self-care practice guides.
  • Regular meal plans made just for you based on your specific body type. 
  • You will learn the foundations of Ayurvedic cooking and meal planning
  • Guided meditations, mindful movement, and nourishing self-care practice guides
  • Video call/Phone call /WhatsApp/ Email support & full accountability.
Nutrition & Wellness Programs

Awaken Your Ātman Program

Awaken Your Ātman Program

Each soul is unique and has something to offer to its community and as a part of the community we need to celebrate each other’s journey by allowing ourselves to step into that sacred space together and be able to share.

This is the moment when we start to self heal and self realise our purpose and step into our Atman.

Why Awaken your Atman Journey ?

Karishma Shah and her team are taking you on a 360-degree holistic journey to enhance and elevate your overall wellness. Join us on this new series in the transformational journey towards attaining your highest self and living at your best.

Highlights Of The Program

  • Your  ayurvedic body and mind analysis + report 
  • Your Innate Personality analysis +report
  • Sessions on dosha types and personality development
  • Connecting with your higher self
  • Gaining emotional control and learning emotional intelligence 
  • Achieving balanced nutrition and health goals
  • Restoring sense of well being and happiness 

Stress Management Program

Effective stress management helps you break the hold stress has on your life, so you can be happier, healthier, and more productive. The ultimate goal is a balanced life, with time for work, relationships, relaxation, and fun—and the resilience to hold up under pressure and meet challenges head on.

Highlights Of The Program

  • Self-awareness: The program ensures increased self-awareness and systemic awareness empowering individuals with the ability to observe and reflect their thoughts, actions, and behaviours on a daily basis.
  • Mindfulness: Develops a higher level of consciousness of the present moment and becomes mindful about self, others, and the environment.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Displays high emotional intelligence levels with an awareness of one’s own emotions. Has the ability to control emotions as per the situation and knows how to handle interpersonal relations in an empathetic manner.
  • Mindlessness: Develops the ability to be mindful and then reach a space of nothingness, and reach the peak of being reflective and aware.
Stress Management Program

Weight Loss & Management

Weight Loss & Management

It includes weight loss techniques, dietary changes, exercise programs and behaviour modifications, as well as support groups and educational lectures. Research has shown that combining a variety of weight loss and management techniques increases an individual’s chance of long-term success.

Highlights Of The Program

  • Medical weight loss means tailoring a program to your body, for your health. 
  • We offer patients clinical support, education and monitoring, so they can manage their weight successfully, just as they manage other aspects of their health. 
  • Together, we’ll address all four core elements of weight loss and weight management: behaviour, nutrition, physical activity, pharmacology.

Children's Health Program

We all know that getting children to eat nutritious foods can be challenging at some times. However, we must not forget the importance of child nutrition and health. Don’t give in and let them live on fast food and sugar. It’s well worth the effort. A well-defined mindset at a tender age will help your child achieve great success in the coming years of his/her life.

Major features of this program from the physical body aspect are:

  • Nutritional consult
  • Meal plans
  • Diet plans
  • Health counselling 
  • Weight loss tips
  • Weight gain tips

Major features of this program from the mind and mental health aspect are:

  • Life path counselling
  • Behavioural counselling
  • Smart parenting tips
  • Adult and child life counselling 
  • Career counselling 


Children's Health Program

Anxiety & Depression Management

Anxiety & Depression Management

If you are one of the millions of people living with depression, there is something you can do to feel better. Three of the more common methods used in depression treatment include cognitive behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. Often, a blended approach is used

Highlights Of The Program

  • Learning about anxiety
  • Mindfulness
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Correct breathing techniques
  • Cognitive therapy 
  • Behaviour therapy
  • Counselling  
  • Dietary adjustments
  • Exercise
  • Learning to be assertive
  • Building self-esteem

Corporate Wellness Program

Designing and managing an employee wellness program is an important step in improving the health and productivity of employees


Highlights Of The Program

Wellness programs typically include activities such as weight loss competitions, exercise, stress management or resilience education, smoking cessation programs, and wellness assessments that are designed to help individuals or employees eat better, lose weight and improve their physical health and physical activity.


Corporate Wellness Program

Diabetes Management Program

Diabetes Management Program

The main symptoms of diabetes are described as the three polys – polyuria, polydipsia, and polyphagia. Individuals with high risk for developing diabetes should be alert to these symptoms and seek medical attention if they notice the above symptoms.

Highlights Of The Program

  • Our integrative team of nutritionists, clinical dietitians, and doctors creates a customized plan for you after studying your lifestyle, medical history, medical reports, and health goals.
  • Regular detox plans are shared as required to help support your body’s repair mechanisms, thus steering you in good health. 
  • Customized food plans are created considering your work timings, travel plans, availability of ingredients, allergies, and so on. 
  • Taking charge of diabetes goes beyond routine doctor visits and blood sugar monitoring. We’re reinventing diabetes care management by leveraging data and technology to meet members where they are and deliver a holistic, personalized approach to treatment.
  • Your diabetic coaching revolves around the four pillars of health that we strongly advocate: quality sleep, balanced nutrition, emotional detox, and adequate exercise.

Thyroid Management Program

Thyroid disorders affect the thyroid gland, an endocrine gland located at the front of the neck. The thyroid gland plays a crucial role in managing numerous metabolic processes of the body. Various kinds of thyroid disorders affect either the functioning or structure of thyroid gland. They are Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goitre, thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules. 

Highlights Of The Program

  • Our integrative team of nutritionists and doctors create a customised plan for you after studying your lifestyle, medical history, medical reports, and your health goals.
  • Regular thyroid detox plans are shared as required to help support your body’s repair mechanisms, thus steering you in the direction of good health and recovering from thyroid. 
  • Customised food plans are created taking into consideration your work timings, travel plans, availability of ingredients, allergies, and so on. 
  • Your thyroid coaching revolves around the four pillars of health that we strongly advocate: quality sleep, balanced nutrition, emotional detox, and adequate exercise.
Thyroid Management Program

PCOS Management Program

PCOS Management Program

PCOS treatment focuses on managing your individual concerns, such as infertility, hirsutism, acne or obesity. Specific treatment might involve lifestyle changes or medication.


Highlights Of The Program

  • You will start by filling in the initial induction/ medical history and lifestyle modification questionnaire. This will give me enough information to understand the root cause of PCOS. 
  • We will help you understand WHY we are going to make lifestyle changes together.
  • We will use your current diet as a reference point and start modifying the same to use low- AGE cooking methods and produce. 
  • We will  Find out what your PCOS ‘type’ or ‘root cause’ is. 
  • We only change exactly what you need to and we’re all about 80/20.
  • Managing your stress hormones, the way you think about food is an important step.

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Payment Notice

Advance payment is required in full at least 48 hours prior to any appointment or commencement of package treatments.


The packages aren't extendable nor have any carry forward and must be utilized within the stipulated time period from the first session. Sessions beyond that will be charged as individual sessions.


A zero refund policy if the consultation has been provided.


All packages/ fees are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation Policy

A prior notice of minimum of 48 hours is required to cancel a session. Sessions canceled abruptly or less than 48 hours will be charged in full.


Unused prepaid sessions will be considered as used and all sessions are non-transferrable and will expire after six months.


Your time slot is reserved exclusively for you.


Please arrive promptly to obtain your full session.



Legal Disclaimer

The information contained within the Karishma Shah website is in no way a substitute for professional advice such as a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, or Counsellor.

The information provided by Karishma Shah, a Nutrition coach on the website does not constitute medical, legal, financial, or professional advice nor is it intended to be.

You chose to visit or choose a plan by your own free will, and the consequences thereof are your own. Under no circumstances can you hold Karishma Shah liable for any actions that you take. 

Karishma Shah is not responsible nor can you hold her responsible for any loss or cost incurred by you or any individual you know, as a result of materials or techniques, or coaching offered by Karishma Shah to you.

The information on this website or expressed during a session or elsewhere by Karishma Shah is not intended to be medical advice, but general information with respect to common health and life issues. The main agenda behind this is to inspire you and motivate you to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

The information provided by Karishma Shah is in no way to be misunderstood and construed in any other way than what it is. The information is intended for educational and information purposes only. The information provided by Karishma Shah during the session or elsewhere shouldn't be determined as a medical diagnosis or any sort of course of treatment.

Readers and clients should perform their own research and make decisions in partnership with their own health care providers. Information is offered in good faith - you do not have to use this information and you are to use it at your own risk.

Health and life coaching are s not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition. It is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment, and/or diagnosis of a licensed professional, such as an MD. Trained health coaches may not make any medical diagnoses, claims, and/or substitute for your personal physical care.

Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits obtained from any foods or supplements mentioned on this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Karishma Shah is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, licensed dietician, psychologist, or other licensed or registered professional.

Karishma Shah reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. Rates are guaranteed and not to change with exception to 'specials'. All information shared for billing or for sessions is held confidential. Your personally identifiable information is never sold, traded, or given away.

Karishma Shah is to not be held responsible if anyone of you doesn't achieve the desired results. Results are not guaranteed and Karishma Shah is not responsible for the actions, choices, or decisions taken nor made by the client.

Diagnosing psychological or medical conditions is for trained medical professionals (Physicians and Therapists), not for a health coach or a life coach.

As your nutrition coach, the role of Karishma Shah is to partner with you to provide ongoing support and accountability, to listen, and to give you space as you create an action plan to meet and maintain your health and life goals. Actions taken based on sessions or information on this website must be taken at your own risk.


Any and all information shared by you is strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone without written authorization from you.


You have a right to be allowed access to a summary of my record about you.


The case details without identity may be used for training and research purposes.




Appointments for children under age 18 require written consent from the parent or guardian, who must accompany them at each visit.




I do not file insurance or any other third party claims. Insurance companies in India do not cover alternative therapy.


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