Any habit takes time to develop and it does so when put in practice. To start your journey and a healthy habit you call us and make a commitment for 3 or 6 months, this is long enough for your brain to adjust to the new way of life, a healthy life. My experience so far of working with people tells me everybody needs minimum 6 months, whether you have weight to lose or not, have PCOS diabetes, or just looking to lose the last few Kgs or trying to understand how to eat clean.


Our first appointment will be all about getting to know you better; where I'll gather as much information I can about you to better understand and guide you. So information like your previous history with diets, your weight history, your medical history, your relationship with yourself through your food habits, your food preferences especially when you’re stressed out or run down, your current life-style habits and lastly, what are your other commitments and priorities for right now. This will help us plan weekly/monthly goals and get our priorities in order, also we'll set our expectations right from the beginning. This consultation session takes approx 45 mins to 1 hour.


You will be seeing me either in person or on Video Call, Every 2 Weeks for your follow up appointments based on where you live and I will be planning all your meals based on your lifestyle and progress, but along the way, for 6 months, you will have full support from my side so I can help you with all your small slip-ups, questions, and queries that you might have, so you can truly understand the process. There will be a weekly follow up phone call with me every week for the entire length of your program. You will, however, need to send me images of all the food you are eating for the first couple of days so we can have a clear understanding about how to guide you through the program.
My Nutrition Program Details:

My Customized Personal Nutrition & Health Programs are ideal for you if your goals include:

A. Weight Loss
B. Weight Gain
C. Muscle Gain
D. Fat Loss

All this without starving yourself and in a sustainable holistic manner


Improve levels of Hormonal Imbalances such as:

B. Thyroid
C. Acne & Inflammation
D. Hashimoto’s autoimmune disorder


Reversal and Management of any lifestyle disorders such as:

A. Diabetes Type I & Type II
B. High Blood Pressure Hypertension
C. Low Blood Pressure and
D. Lipid Cholesterol disorders

This 3 months or 6 months program is designed and tailor-made to reverse lifestyle diseases or manage /improve levels of hormonal disorders/ autoimmune diseases in a sustainable way. This program will also help you rebuild your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Not based in Mumbai or India is not a cause of worry, because the first and subsequent sessions with me can take place either on Zoom or Whatsapp Video Call. A detailed understanding of the pillars of my approach will be provided. Weekly support will be provided to ensure you achieve your health goals.

One-on-one guidance to reconnect with your inner wisdom. Through my 3 months or 6 months holistic nutrition & lifestyle coaching program, you will….

  • Transform your relationship with food
  • Learn the foundations of Ayurvedic cooking and meal planning for your unique body type
  • Discover everyday tools for improving digestion, improving sleep & boosting energy
  • Develop a nurturing self-care practice through the seasons of life
  • Learn meditation techniques for overcoming obstacles
  • Connect with the seasonal cycles of nature & harness your creative potential by understanding energy
  • Release self-limiting habits & thought patterns
  • Strengthen your intuition & reconnect with your inner wisdom

What You'll Receive...

Our consultations go beyond the routine (and totally flawed) portion control, counting calories and measuring weight loss protocol. You instead track down your eating habits, daily activity, sleep hours, exercise compliance, work hours, etc., and we will educate you about how food effects your health, fitness, and productivity. You take control and ownership of what you like to eat and how you like to workout not just for the duration of the program but for good.

The end goal is to Educate you about how to make the best lifestyle choices and decisions for yourself in the long term so that you can be your own nutrition and wellness expert at the end of our program together. Weight loss and Full control over your Health are the side effects of gaining this insight about yourself.

  • In-depth health history consultation
  • 60-minute initial consultation and coaching sessions.
  • Once a month regular follow up session via voice call or video call.
  • Weekly update session via message with me for whole program duration.
  • Behaviour Modification Therapy which is based on your specific personality type and which addresses your key problem areas which stops your growth and progress. This is through a very logical and scientifically proven method.
  • Exercise Science, guided meditations, mindful movement, and nourishing self-care practice guides.
  • A menu made just for you based on your specific body type and completely Personalized Nutrition Program
  • You will learn the foundations of Ayurvedic cooking and meal planning
  • A Personalized wellness plan with comprehensive steps to guide you towards your health goals and reverse any health conditions or lifestyle diseases
  • Seasonal plant-based meal plans, recipe books, and shopping lists
  • Guided meditations, mindful movement, and nourishing self-care practice guides
  • Video call/Phone call /WhatsApp/ Email support & full accountability.

Get in touch so I can help you get to a healthier, happier you!

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Payment Notice

Advance payment is required in full at least 48 hours prior to any appointment or commencement of package treatments.


The packages aren't extendable nor have any carry forward and must be utilized within the stipulated time period from the first session. Sessions beyond that will be charged as individual sessions.


A zero refund policy if the consultation has been provided.


All packages/ fees are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation Policy

A prior notice of minimum of 48 hours is required to cancel a session. Sessions canceled abruptly or less than 48 hours will be charged in full.


Unused prepaid sessions will be considered as used and all sessions are non-transferrable and will expire after six months.


Your time slot is reserved exclusively for you.


Please arrive promptly to obtain your full session.



Legal Disclaimer

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Karishma Shah is to not be held responsible if anyone of you doesn't achieve the desired results. Results are not guaranteed and Karishma Shah is not responsible for the actions, choices, or decisions taken nor made by the client.

Diagnosing psychological or medical conditions is for trained medical professionals (Physicians and Therapists), not for a health coach or a life coach.

As your nutrition coach, the role of Karishma Shah is to partner with you to provide ongoing support and accountability, to listen, and to give you space as you create an action plan to meet and maintain your health and life goals. Actions taken based on sessions or information on this website must be taken at your own risk.


Any and all information shared by you is strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone without written authorization from you.


You have a right to be allowed access to a summary of my record about you.


The case details without identity may be used for training and research purposes.




Appointments for children under age 18 require written consent from the parent or guardian, who must accompany them at each visit.




I do not file insurance or any other third party claims. Insurance companies in India do not cover alternative therapy.


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