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Thyroid Management Program By Karishma Shah

Thyroid Care Program

What Is The Program About?

Our Thyroid Care Program is designed to look at lifestyle factors, medication, nutrient deficiencies, other illnesses, stress,and much more that could have led to a hormonal imbalance or thyroid malfunction. This exclusively designed program looks at addressing all these to create an environment that allows the natural intelligence of the body to kick-in and perform what it was designed to do

Who Should Enroll For This Program?

A majority of thyroid cases are lifestyle-driven, which means addressing your lifestyle becomes one of the most powerful strategies to improve its function. However, not all cases of thyroid disease are the same, hence, every thyroid disorder needs to be approached and handled differently. If you are also looking to get rid of lifetime thyroid medications, then we are the perfect choice. We will become that bridge to get you rid of thyroid problems

Thyroid cases are lifestyle-driven
thyroid condition managed and possibly

Why To Enroll In This Program

Get guidance on the four pillars of lifestyle: balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep, and emotional well-being to manage your condition. 

Benefit from a holistic approach used by our integrative team of experts ranging from clinical dietitians, nutritionists, yoga experts, and doctors. 

Get your thyroid condition managed and possibly reversed right from its roots for successful long-term management and get rid of medicines. 

Receive tailormade guidance on thyroid nutrition, thyroid superfoods, understand food myths, and common fears around nutrition and other beneficial dietary approaches that can help manage your condition better. Manage thyroid symptoms and prevent complications in a better way

What Will You Receive?

Our integrative team of nutritionists and doctors create a customised plan for you after studying your lifestyle, medical history, medical reports, and your health goals.

Regular thyroid detox plans are shared as required to help support your body’s repair mechanisms, thus steering you in the direction of good health and recovering from thyroid. 

Customised food plans are created taking into consideration your work timings, travel plans, availability of ingredients, allergies, and so on. 

Your thyroid coaching revolves around the four pillars of health that we strongly advocate: quality sleep, balanced nutrition, emotional detox, and adequate exercise.

Regular thyroid detox plans

Enroll For The Program