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What Is The Program About

What Is The Program About?

Innovative Weight Management is an expert-led program to educate and guide you to lose weight safely, and keep it off long term. Obesity is a chronic health condition, and it should be treated as such. Our program consists of initial consultation, regular check-ins, ongoing monitoring of your progress and achieved goals. All four core elements of weight management will be addressed: behaviour, nutrition, physical activity and pharmacology.


Who Should Enrol For This Program?

By joining a weight loss program and getting your body to start burning that fat, you can significantly reduce your weight, and have loads of energy too for being more productive. By doing this for yourself, you will be helping yourself avoid health problems like diabetes and heart disease.


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Why To Enrol In This Program

Why To Enrol In This Program ?

We focus on weight loss and just as importantly, on weight maintenance. Many people can lose weight with a variety of diets and gimmicks, but shortly thereafter they put the weight back on because the focus is on weight loss. Instead, we focus on and prepare you for weight maintenance.

What Will You Receive?

  • Medical weight loss means tailoring a program to your body, for your health. 
  • We offer patients clinical support, education and monitoring, so they can manage their weight successfully, just as they manage other aspects of their health. 
  • Together, we’ll address all four core elements of weight loss and weight management: behaviour, nutrition, physical activity, pharmacology.


What Will You Receive

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