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It’s Time To Get Fit By Aligning Your Body-Mind-Soul With
Holistic Health Expert Ms. Karishma Shah

health food coaching

Clarify, Simplify, & get instructed - I'll look inside your personal lifestyle & food habits to create a sustainable program designed just for you.

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health management services

In search of a healthy, protein-rich meal that is easy and quick to prepare? Bonus - it's yummy & satisfy your hunger for hours.

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weight loss coaching program

A personalized & strategic plan to achieve fat loss, your ideal weight, a healthier & happier lifestyle in a holistic manner!.

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Awaken Your

My proprietary Awaken your Aātman Program™ framework and full proof method will be taught and that helps anyone gain clarity, guidance and actionable steps to achieve their health + life goals.

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Women’s PCOS Program

In search of a healthy, protein-rich meal that is easy and quick to prepare? Bonus - it's yummy & satisfy your hunger for hours.

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Children's Health Program

Eating habits along with essential life skills with our meal plans and counselling.

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Ms. Karishma Shah And Her Team Are Here To Share Knowledge On Various Topics To Improve Health And Affect Change On An Individual Level

Best Nutritionist, Dietician & Health Coach
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Management
  • Anxiety And Stress Management
  • Integrative Live Coaching Program
  • Diabetes Management
  • Thyroid Management
  • Children Nutrition
  • PCOS
  • Pre & Post Pregnancy Nutrition

Newsletter by Karishma Shah: Wellness Woman

Have you checked our newsletter- Wellness Woman, which is a one-of-a-kind health and lifestyle advice, from the pioneering nutritionist and wellness health expert Karishma Shah.

She’s all about the connection between the mind, emotions, physical body, and spirit. Karishma believes that your health is not about one-size-fits-all.

She created ‘Wellness Woman’ as a friendly mascot to convey education about health coaching in the most easy-to-understand manner.

Seems interesting right ?

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Voice It With Karishma Shah
(Our Podcast To Bust Health Myths With Experts)

When you own your voice, you own your power - power to make a change.

Voice it - is an initiative to bring forward different perspectives on various trending health topics for the betterment of the community.

Through this initiative, we discuss the various aspects of building a healthy society with nutrition experts, doctors and health specialists.

So, join us in this initiative and listen to various perspectives which will influence the world toward the new normal, the new future.

Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath

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Medicircle-Voice Of Healthcare

We aim to provide the best content about the trends in the healthcare ecosystem through live web interview series.

Ms. Karishma Shah, who is the official health expert on the panel of Medicircle, is dedicated to providing effective emotional stability, preventing diseases, and being your productive best.

Gain this advantage of the wide expertise of Ms. Karishma Shah by getting in touch with her holistic programs to manage hormonal imbalances, lifestyle-related disorders, and much more.

Find Out Which Dosha You Possess - Vata, Pitta or Kapha?

Do you really know the inner workings of your body and mind?
  • Learn about the characteristics of your body and mind through the lens of Ayurvedic Science
  • Learn about your dominant Dosha, which mirrors the dominant force in your overall mind-body design.
  • All matter is composed of five basic elements — panchamahabhutas — which are the properties of earth (pritvi), water (jala), fire (tejas), wind (vayu) and space (akasha).
  • Learn about how these doshas demonstrate unique blends of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics.

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