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Karishma’s personal touch is what makes her a great nutritionist. This is evident through her conversational style in her blogs, and her ability to simplify nutrition and diet-based recipes.

She believes in helping people acknowledge not just balancing the meals but also to influence their lifestyles by teaching how to balance one’s mental and emotional state of mind.

She works with clients globally, recognizes each individual’s lifestyle, availability of nourishment and the habitat before she formulates a plan. She has a strong sense of taste and

Learn more by inviting her for a session or workshop and witness the incredible changes she can bring to your life.

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Corporate Wellness Program

Workplace could be a difficult place to follow good eating habits.The pressure of meeting deadlines and delivering projects is forever looming over our shoulders. There’s always an email to be sent out or some new client to be engaged but seldom do we focus on our food habits. Through corporate wellness programs we will bring the focus back to nutrition. Through our corporate wellness program we help with weight management, diabetes management, thyroid management, PCOD, Pre & Post pregnancy nutrition and also offer tailor made weight loss and muscle gain meal plans. With a focus on nutrition a number of chronic diseases can be deterred. These conditions cost employers every year in productivity loss as a result of absenteeism and functional limitation. Get in touch for health living at your workplace

Wellness Retreat Partner

Wanting to break out of a rut is more common than before and what’s even more necessary is to go to a health focused resort/retreat that provides healthfulness and mindfulness as an option. If you don’t, that’s where we step in with our daily retreat or our three day plan. You can book us or invite us to come on board as your wellness or nutrition partner. Once on board we will conduct nutrition education classes, live cooking and tasting sessions for your guests. A variety of interesting topics will be covered from healthy guilt free baking to Ayurvedic vegan cooking. Topics discussed will be engaging and with a goal to revolutionise the health and lifestyle of the guests attending.

Blood Pressure Plus Program

Blood Pressure Plus is a program designed to increase the awareness about hypertension by providing monthly blood pressure screenings and nutritional help to people.

Diabetes Education Programs

We offer the "Learning to Manage and Live with Diabetes" program. This program provides individuals and families living with diabetes and pre diabetes education tools and resources to better self-manage diabetes, reduce complications and improve quality of life.

Health Education Seminars

Educational programs are scheduled throughout the year to address a variety of topics important to women and families, such as menopause, stress management, parenting and nutrition management.

Health Screenings

We help with regular health screenings for early detection of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardio vascular disease and many other health risks. Learn more about our community seminars and workshops by getting in touch with us.

Community Seminars & Workshops

Life is not what it used to be before, it’s surely more exciting and fulfilling, but also exhausting and often overwhelming. With an array of things to do and a plethora of resources available to keep us healthy, finding the correct information and putting it to work becomes a time-consuming and a daunting task. That's why we have developed the Community Health Programs, a variety of events dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community through prevention and wellness programs, educational resources, health education seminars and health screenings.

Nutritional Counselling

We appreciate your concern toward the wellness of your company’s workforce. We offer corporate nutritional seminars packed with presentations, handouts, and face-to-face nutrition counseling for your employees. With our individual consultations with your employees, we can help them learn how to develop healthy eating patterns at work. Our consultation sessions aim to bring lasting improvements so that they feel fit, healthy and can deliver more productive outcomes at work. As a result, your company will thrive & devise healthier and happier staff.

Stress Management Workshop

Our corporate stress management workshop program is a combination that dramatically rewards attendees in their personal and work lives, and also considerably boosts flexibility and productivity at work.

Exclusively Designed Child Nutrition Programs For Schools

We conduct workshops or special education programs for kids in schools for their healthy body, mind and future. We conduct Activities such as these to help students explore and learn about Nutrition:


Lessons about optimal nutrition teaches children the importance of taking ownership of their own health. Encourage students to think about how they feel physically and mentally depending on the foods they eat. Exploring the mind-body connection leads to students’ greater self-awareness and skills to make better choices to nourish their bodies and help them feel their best.

Social Awareness

Nutrition education serves as an opportunity to teach children about food and the relation to culture and family heritage. Discussing culinary variances across cultures helps expose children to different foods and traditional practices, increasing their understanding and appreciation for diversity.