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Start This Quiz And Find Out Which Dosha You Possess - Vata, Pitta, or Kapha?

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  • Kapha

Is essentially composed out of earth and water components. It is heavy, slow, cool, sleek, smooth, delicate, thick, stable, gross, and cloudy. Kapha provides structure and robustness to all things; it gives the cohesiveness needed to maintain a particular form.Kapha additionally hydrates all cells and frameworks, lubricates the joints, saturates the skin, maintains immunity and safeguards the tissues. Kapha is often associated with water energy, and with love and compassion.

  • Pitta

Translates roughly as fire. However, the term does not mean fire in the literal sense, in the way you might experience or sense it as candlelight or in an open fire. Pitta dosha, the heat energy in the body, is invisible. Instead, it manifests itself in your metabolism.

  • Vata

The word Vata means to blow or to move like the wind. Containing the elements like air and space, Vata manages all the movements in the mind and body. It controls blood flow, evacuation of wastes, breathing and the movement of thoughts across the brain. Vata is dry, cold, light, moving, changeable, subtle, rough and quick.

Find out which Dosha you possess – Vata, Pitta or Kapha
Do you really know the inner workings of your body and mind?


The Dosha Quiz is a free online quiz that measures your dosha levels. It is based on Ayurvedic principles of balancing the body’s three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. When you are in balance all three doshas are harmonious and you will feel better. If there is too much of one dosha then it can lead to health problems such as chronic stress and anxiety, an unhealthy lifestyle with fast food and alcohol, and weight gain.