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Karishma Shah is the Best Integrative Health Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach and has an extensive educational background in Clinical Nutrition, Ayurveda, and Spiritual-Mental Health.

Coming from her deep-rooted experiences, her approach is multi-disciplinary and wholesome while working on your body, mind, and soul. This brings in a transformation within her clients with the intention of being sustainable and everlasting.

Her personalized, goal-specific nutrition plans and holistic counseling has brought healing to the lives of thousands of patients struggling with hormonal and metabolic imbalances, weight, and lifestyle-related disorders, globally.
She is an exceptional public speaker offering nutrition and plant-based culinary education.

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I wasn't always as "healthy" as I am today

I always felt overwhelmed due to my sensitive nature and was in search of my true purpose in life.
I wanted to understand why I always felt things differently than others and how I always seemed to have answers to someone else’s problems so accurately. This was the same time around which I found the healing powers of food and lifestyle as medicine. I went back to studying and earned degrees from premier league colleges/institutes in the field of Food Science, Weight Management, Clinical Nutrition Studies, Holistic Wellness, Ayurveda Nutrition, Plant-Based Culinary, Spirituality and Positive Psychiatry-Mental Health. This fostered my passion for health and gave more power to my natural superpower of healing people. I’ve traveled across the USA, Europe, Bali, and India to learn and gain knowledge from the best in the health and healing community.

Degrees and Certificates –

  • Masters in Integrated Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach
  • Master of Science (MSCDFSM)
  • PG Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Management
  • PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition
  • Specialization in Nutrigenomics
  • Plant Based Nutrition Chef
  • Ayurveda Nutrition
  • Diabetes Educator
  • Psychology of Eating
  • Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
  • Associate Practitioner of NLP
  • Anxiety Counsellor

indeed, a healthy outside starts with a healthy inside

After completion of my studies in Nutrition & Dietetics, I then went on to complete my rotational internship needed to become a Nutritionist along with continued education in more fields of nutrition, wellness and mental health. Following the completion of my education, I began working with patients for weight loss and obesity at a popular weight loss clinic in Mumbai. I helped patients to effectively lose weight in a sustainable method, which would ensure long-term results for them. My consultations with the patients were in-depth and provided holistic healing for them along with fantastic weight loss results. I was simultaneously studying to be a Diabetes Educator and shortly got my certification in it. After my tenure was finished there I started working at a Doctor’s clinic who is an established Diabetologist & Endocrinologist in Mumbai for a couple of years seeing thousands of local patients every day–all struggling with diabetes management, weight loss and other metabolic disorders.


This opportunity was a great way for me to work, help and educate patients about what changes to make in their lifestyle, which in turn would support their health conditions better. I got to work with a wide range of people and understand how every body responds differently to treatment also how lifestyle changes can have such a big impact. All the experience that I had gained through my studies, internships and jobs with medical professionals has given me tremendous confidence and equipped me now to start my private practice of Personalized Nutrition Consultation Services. I also realized through lots of introspection and practice that I am an Intuitive Empath. Intuitive Empaths can sense subtle energies; emotions, physical symptoms and they are natural healers. Everything started to make sense post this realization. I became equally aware of my strengths and struggles. I believe the best way to throw off our shackles is to speak with each other about our experiences and offer to help whenever we can. I decided to dig deeper and enhance my skills as an Intuitive Empath and merged it with my vast knowledge of nutrition, holistic wellness and positive mental health.


I took up Nutrition and Wellness coaching to share my knowledge and methods of healing with others, which has helped so many people. I believe weight loss is just a side effect of living a healthy sustainable lifestyle in which our body, mind, and soul is completely invested. I’ve helped my clients not only shed the excess weight off their body but they’ve also learned how to listen to their body and love it through it all.This is my way of giving back to the world what it has given to me in abundance. Forever in gratitude and with a heart filled with love, I invite you to start your journey of good health with me.

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