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Karishma Shah: Best Nutritionist & Health Coach

Holistic nutrition is the best answer to most physical and mental health issues. Karishma Shah,PhD an Integrative Health Nutritionist and Holistic Wellness Coach experienced these benefits when she started living a holistic life. She realised that when she has seen such a transformation in her own life, why not share it with the world?

After completing her studies in Nutrition and Dietetics, Karishma deep dived into every aspect of nutrition and integrated wellness. She received extensive education in Clinical Nutrition, Ayurveda, and Spiritual-Mental Health. Her integrated methods have helped thousands of patients successfully manage their weight and health issues without having to starve themselves.      

Karishma has a family history of diabetes, and thus, she developed a keen interest in helping diabetic patients. After working with an established Diabetologist & Endocrinologist in Mumbai for a couple of years, she realised how gravely diabetic patients were struggling with diabetes management, weight loss and other metabolic disorders. To develop an integrated mechanism to counter the disease, she studied to become a Diabetic educator. Today, her personalised methods have helped numerous patients with serious health issues to recover holistically. 

Karishma believes that well-rounded and personalised nutrition is the best way to maintain emotional stability, prevent diseases and be your productive best. Her methods have proven to be effective, and she hopes to help people realise their true potential by educating them about food and nutrition.

Best Nutritionist & Health Coach

Note From Our Founder


You cannot get where you would like to be without having a clear picture of where you are right now. The best job a nutritionist can do is empower you with the right information, and thought process to help you design a wholesome life. The greatest spokes of your wheel of heath are your daily actions and state of mind. The day you decide to take ownership of one, you can adapt to the other automatically. Take charge of your health, secure your future well being and be the best version of yourself in every small or big task you undertake.

Series Of Small Things Brought Together- Beginning Of A Wellness Journey

Karishma Shah comes from a family background where her 3 generations have been dealing with a lifestyle disorder of diabetes. Growing up she did not want health to suffer and neglect it. She was always cautious and curious to study about food, nutrition, health, and wellbeing. She started journey to pursue nutrition studies from The American College of Sports & Medicine and was certified as a Clinical Nutritionist. Karishma also went on to pursue higher education in Integrative Nutrition from IIN.

After she finished studies, Karishma also wanted to have an edge with diabetes because that has always been something at the back of her mind, so she became a diabetes educator and was certified. She worked as an intern with 2 renowned & well established Diabetologists in Mumbai. Throughout her internship she came across a lot of patients & by helping them with lifestyle, food modification & also counselling them on issues with weight management, PCOD, thyroid, diabetes management. After completing 2 years of internship She decided to start her own practice and have set up clinic in Juhu, Mumbai.

In private practice Karishma and her team began with 1: 1 consultation, organising group consultation, educative talks, webinars, seminars & public speaking on the topics of health, nutrition, lifestyle, wellbeing, and mental health. Along the way during this journey, She realised while interacting with clients and who came from a space where they were dealing with lifestyle disorder, stress, anxiety, weight issues that food and nutrition is not just one perspective to investigate it’s also about their mental health status, the atmosphere they are in all these factors drove her interest into the realm of mental health & psychology aspect.

Karishma also believes that there is a very big gap wherein the nutritionists, dietician, coaches need to get into mentoring, coaching & counselling sessions with their clients to break through their mental blocks & behavioural patterns to be able support, help, guide, and achieve results. To Karishma Shah, wellbeing is very important and something every individual should be interested in

Beginning Of A Wellness Journey
Karishma Shah Degrees & Certificates

Degrees & Certificates

  • PhD in Integrative Healthcare
  • Masters in Integrated Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach (IIN)
  • Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics (MSCDFSM)
  • PG Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Management
  • PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition
  • Specialization in Nutrigenomics
  • Plant Based Nutrition Chef
  • Ayurveda Nutrition
  • Diabetes Educator
  • Psychology of Eating
  • Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
  • Associate Practitioner of NLP
  • Anxiety Counsellor
  • Certified Behavioural Consultant
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer

Our Mission Is To Build A Healthy Community

Our aim is to be able to guide, teach & educate people about themselves. Self-awareness, cultivating emotional intelligence within them, helping them understand their body & their mind so they can make informative & sensible decisions. The idea is to break the monotony of giving a diet plan & ask them to follow it because it’s bound to make them fall apart through this .

The more sustainable way of doing this after working in this industry for several years she have realised and speaking through her experience is to work for long term benefits & they are seen when we work with someone on a 1:1 basis and try to understand, guide, coach and be able to remove their blocks, help them understand themselves at a deeper level & to create a lasting change within themselves so they are motivated to continue for the rest of their lives. Her mission is to be able to coach, mentor, heal, counsel and to bring an evolution within the client's journey. Karishma Shah also sees herself Educating and Creating Awareness about the innate fertile intelligences, strengths, and skills which every person is born with to be able to empower them to lead more quality based lifestyles.

Our Mission Is To Build A Healthy Community

Well-Being to Karishma is to Feed Your Divine

Well-Being to Karishma is to Feed Your Divine

Definition Of Wellbeing According To Karishma Shah And Her Team

Wellbeing would be feeding your divine. Karishma Shah strongly believes that when we nourish and nurture ourselves at a deeper level that is when wellbeing begins. Through lifestyle, nutrition & wellness coaching is what we can achieve. Eating well, exercising, creating new habits can be daunting & challenging sometimes to many but her approach to wellbeing has always been to simplify the contradicting and overwhelming information surrounding nutrition, exercise, and wellness that is prevalent in the industry today. She works 1:1 with individuals, small groups, and corporations with an understanding that happiness & health lies in finding a sweet spot between loving food without it becoming an unhealthy obsession.

The work she does with clients is discovering moments of mindfulness that are sustainable and enjoyable for them. Through this clients are gaining knowledge and skills to navigate through the ever-evolving wellness world and if they are also managing social situations at ease without any anxiety. Most importantly clients rediscover themselves to be able to gain confidence and read the life they have always wanted to and not have any setbacks that would stop them from achieving their goals.

She also believes in lifestyle & diets that feel full, nurturing, and expansive; they should not be empty, inaccessible, or restrictive. Her mantra to healthy living does not take into account the quantitative aspect of wellbeing rather investigates the body and mind works that is the magic pill because this can lead an individual to be at their happiest self and healthiest self. Karishma and her team empower & provide space to clients to make conscious choices and decisions to bring about a sustainable lifestyle & overall health.

Why Choose To Work With Karishma Shah?

Her knowledge comes from personal scientific research, in depth training, and thousands of real-life consultations. She sees her mission as helping people lead happier and healthier life, regardless of their age and professional background. She offers holistic programs to manage weight, metabolic and hormonal imbalances, lifestyle related disorders, regain energy levels, and fight chronic diseases – all with the end goal to teach people how to lead a balanced and aligned life.

With a heart filled with love and gratitude, she invites you to start your journey towards a wholesome life.

She offers her clients a roadmap on how to be self aware about their inner self as she coaches, counsels & guides them through a journey towards self realization about their body, and personality traits and how they can utilize them to their strengths in the outer world. Her unique approach caters to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of an individual and how they can vibrate at their highest levels. She brings in an amalgamation of these outlook and inculcates them into her client’s lifestyle that is long lasting and sustainable.

Why Choose To Work With Karishma Shah?

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