Karishma Shah Nutrition

Gut Health Management Program By Integrative Nutritionist

Karishma Shah

Are you ready to grow and learn the pattern of a healthy lifestyle and make your gut stronger and “not a troublemaker”?

What is This Program?

The 30 days Gut Health program will offer you many things. So are you ready to grab it?

We will together work on the following aspects in the 30 days Gut Program:

Here is what our program includes :

1 on 1 call during the program with Nutritionist Karishma Shah/ zoom call

Customized diet plan & Hormone healthy recipes

Mental health and therapy sessions with our psychologist

Personalized exercise schedule/ aerobics/ yoga schedule

Guided meditation sessions

Community support WhatsApp group

Last week of the program will be challenging as you will learn certain aspects of health (immunity, digestion, breathing exercises, increasing concentration,

importance of body posture, traditional/ local food importance, sleep strategy/ relationship strategy, healthy integumentary system)

This Program is definitely for you if you want to :

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