Karishma Shah Nutrition

Learn The Art Of Healthy Cooking With Culinary Workshops By Karishma Shah

The main aim of our workshops is to cook tasty healthy food as a group. Participants will learn new cuisine ideas and share their thoughts. During these workshops, we'll discover life hacks for healthy eating and share useful information about holistic lifestyle in accordance with an ecologically sustainable way of living and cultural exchange among people.

Our Specially Curated Workshops Are Your Ultimate Destination For Everything That Feels Healthy

Whether you are looking for a short-term raw vegan food detox or a fitness/yoga retreat, discover our guide to the best raw and plant-based food wellness workshops. We organise cooking demonstrations introducing dairy-free, gluten-free & plant-based cooking, the basis of a healthy nutritionally balanced plant-based diet, desserts, and creative dishes that will leave anyone drooling.

Wellness Is Now essential, Not An Indulgence

On partnering with us, we will offer educational workshops, which focus on a variety of general health and wellness topics, exercise and fitness, and diet and nutrition plus behavioural modification and positive mental health activities. We aim at delivering power-house educational sessions, lifestyle counselling therapy sessions, cooking demonstrations and presentations on how to form sustainable good habits, how to create a healthy home menu for yourself and the whole family.

Ayurvedic Vegan Cooking

A balanced approach to eating
healthfully and mindfully.
Through this our aim is to familiarise you with the benefits of an ancient holistic system and the principles of
Ayurvedic cooking. ‪‪‪ ‪‪‪‪‪ ‪ ‪‪‪‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪‪‪‪‪ ‪

Fermented Foods & Drinks

Fermented foods and drinks boast of the good bacteria, the kind that helps our gut improve digestion, boost immunity and help with weight watching. How to take care of your gut would be the hot topic in this class.

Living Foods/Raw Foods

This is the alley for the fans of raw food diets, the ones that think uncooked, unprocessed, and more often than not fresh. Through this, we will highlight the benefits of eating raw living foods & also go through the do’s and the don’t.

Sattvic Cooking

Yogis believe food is the creator of life force, hence, is very important for us to make the right food choice for healthy living. The correct food determines the kind of life we lead and Sattvic food is known to make one feel enthusiastic and energetic. Through this workshop, we go in-depth about Sattvic cooking.

Gluten free Cooking

Modern-day comes with modern ailments such as intolerance towards gluten a protein found in wheat flour which is the source to the majority of baked goods. Through this workshop, we help you overcome this while teaching you how to make baked goods without gluten.

Training for Helpers/Cooks

Eating healthy is what we all want to do, but our house help is just unable to process this crucial information “to them food without a dollop of butter or a spoonful of oil isn’t food”, but don’t worry we have you covered, your house help will be trained thoroughly in how to whip a healthy meal.

Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids

When have kids chosen to eat healthy? As far as we remember never until it’s infused with flavours and taste that sets their taste buds tingling. Well, here we will teach you how to make healthy foods that aren’t bland but just the way children like it.

Private Cooking Class

Who doesn’t love private sessions, we know we do. Private sessions are more personal and let you pamper yourself with a one-on-one lesson. All our private classes will be tailored to match your style and preference; where we’ll teach you to cook healthy wholesome meals.

Healthy Guilt free Baking

Like finding Nemo, we love finding healthy guilt free versions of our favourite baked goods, but seldom get our hands on the healthy versions. Through this class we’ll teach you how to cook low calorie guilt free versions of your favourite baked goods.

Kitchen Coaching

Yes, you all are the masters of your kitchens but even the masters need a little training from time to time to hone their skills. The idea behind kitchen coaching is to work with you in your home, personal environment that is conducive to cooking satisfying, delicious, and healthier meals at home. These classes will be tailored to match your style and preference; where we’ll teach you to cook healthy wholesome meals.

Gourmet Raw Food Class

We love to indulge ourselves for a fine dine experience of gourmet food at our favourite restaurants. But, what if you can learn to cook gourmet raw food from the comfort of your kitchen, & that’s exactly what we’ll train you to do. To make you experts at gourmet raw food cooking.

Dairy Alternatives

To be dairy free is that even possible? Yes, it is and through this class we’ll mention all the alternatives that you can choose to be dairy free.

Whole Food Plant based Cooking

Despite the advances in science and technology we somehow can’t catch a break from falling sick and the reason is the food we eat and the lifestyle we follow. A plant-based diet brings a balance in your life by adding the missing nutrients, fibres, and antioxidants that are missing from most of our diet. Through this class you will be taught from scratch, how to begin your day from, what to have for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner and how to make it. Once adopted you will witness the transformation in your and your family's health & well-being.