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PCOS Management Program By Integrative Nutritionist

Karishma Shah

What is This Program?

We as a team at Karishma Shah Nutrition Consultancy care for your well-being and will help you with our specialized PCOS program for reversing the symptoms of PCOS.

Best PCOS nutritionist in Mumbai

Our Deliverables for you in the 30 days PCOS Program:

Here is what our program includes :

Understanding your medical history and lifestyle with a questionnaire

Going through your detailed blood work and report analysis

Diagnosing your PCOS ‘type’ or ‘root cause’ 

Making your Personalised meal and lifestyle plan

Managing your stress hormones & the way you think about food

Taking care of your emotional well-being with stress and anxiety management counselling sessions

This Program is definitely for you if you want to :

What can you expect after the 30 Days PCOS Program:

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