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A Beginner’s Handbook to Kickstart the Journey Towards a Healthy Life


A beginner’s handbook to kickstart the journey towards a healthy life

How do you define a healthy life? Karishma Shah, an Integrative Health Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach says“The truth is, there is no universal definition of healthy living. Simply, understanding why holistic health is important, and believing that optimal health can be achieved by viewing mental, physical, and spiritual health as a whole can be a great start.”

She says it is important to understand that health is not simply to nourish ourselves. It is an interface between our body, mind and soul. The way we choose to use this interface will define how our mind, body and soul will feel on any given day.While consistently maintaining healthy habits might seem hard, by incorporating small changes in routine, you can create an enormous impact on your daily life.”

During our conversation with Karishma Shah, we got several insights into how beginners can kickstart their journey towards a healthy life

As a Holistic Wellness Coach, we know that you are a strong believer in meditation. The pandemic has also re-enforced the importance of meditation. Why according to you is it important?

The Mind-Body connect

Meditation facilitates a mind-body-soul connection that produces a deep state of relaxation and tranquillity. It has been documented to positively impact sleep cycles and lower blood pressure, cortisol levels and inflammation. Fitting meditation into your lifestyle in any wayis sure to lead you down a path of completeness and self-fulfilment.While being stuck in the vicious circle of daily tasks, it can be exasperating to devote time to connect with yourself. However, this does not make it unimportant. By simply taking out ten-odd minutes from the day, you will notice the shift in the state of your mental health as well as your daily functioning.
You have been a strong advocate of eating local food and integrate the same into your clients’ diet too. Why is that?

Switch from Supermarkets to Super-local

Have you heard of locavores? Locavores are people who try to choose locally grown fruits and vegetables over other available variety. It is a no-brainer that local fruits and vegetables are fresher, taste much better, and hold more nutrition value. The longer it takes for the fresh produce to reach our plate, the greater is the loss of nutrients. This makes the impact of imported fruits and vegetables on your diet very grave. Moreover, the local produce that matches the season cycle is perfectly designed to maintain your health. Our body needs fresh cooling to produce in the scorching summers and dense, warming, high-fat foods during winters. Overlooking the same to eat supermarket grocery that is available all through the year is less than ideal for your health. Nature acclimatizes with changing cycles and tells us what our body needs. We must listen.
Do you think physical activity is important even if one does not have any major health problems?

Compatibility with Physical Activity/ Sweat it out

If you don’t exert your body, you will end up exerting your mind.Exercising is not about building your physical strength or trimming the waistline. Any kind of movement that makes your muscles work and release endorphins is exercises. Endorphins interact with brain receptors to trigger positivity and happiness They also act as analgesics. This means that they diminish the perception of pain. Most people feel an enormous sense of well-being after a workout. They see improvement in nearly every aspect of their life from the inside out. While it might be impossible to find the “time” to exercise, think of it as something beyond a lifestyle change rather than just a task to check off your to-do list. Sneak it into your daily routine and see the magic ensue!

Karishma Shah went on to say “Most times, people set outlandishly high healthy goals for themselves, and when they can’t live up to them, they tend to get disappointed. Make it a habit to look at the brighter side of all things. The idea is to look at the bigger picture.” It is thus sensible totake small, achievable, and maintainable steps to ultimately achieve the long-term goal of health and strength.

As a Holistic Wellness Coach, we know that you are a strong believer in meditation. The pandemic has also re-enforced the importance of meditation. Why according to you is it important?