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6 Lesser Known Foods To Have This Summer!


6 Lesser Known Foods To Have This Summer!

The scorching heat can get to you, while hydration is key, you should include these foods in your diet to combat the heat.

1.Kacha Kairi/ Raw Mango

Kairi or the raw form of mango is a summer sensation as it is a storehouse of polyphenols called Magniferin, Quercetin and Catechins- these have antioxidant, antimicrobial, cholesterol lowering effects that all promote healthy skin and slows down aging. Did you know Kairi is loaded with twice the amount of Vitamin C as compared to an orange! In fact some of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients in mango are active and readily available in the raw form and diminish when the Kairi ripens.
How to Consume
Eat the kairi as it is or turn it into a pickle, or you can have the cooling, refreshing Aam Panna.

Here is the recipe

Raw Mango-1
Roasted Cumin Seeds Powder- 1/4 tsp
Black salt- 3/4 tsp
Black Pepper powder- 1/2 tsp
Sugar- 3/4 cup
Cold water- As needed

Cut and wash he mango. Pressure cook 4 whistles with water. Once done, transfer to a mixing bowl and let it cool down. Remove and collect the pulp, discard the skin and any hard seed part. Ground this pulp smoothly and added cold water to it. Add sugar, pepper powder, jeera powder, black salt. Mix well and transfer to a jar/bottle and refrigerate it.

Depending on the size/ tanginess of the mango, adjust the water consistency and the other ingredients. Adjust sugar according to your taste. Never replace or skip any ingredient I this recipe, otherwise the taste will differ. Jaggery can be added in place of sugar.

2.Khus Khus roots/ Vetiver roots

Khus is an aromatic grass that is local to India and is enriched with minerals and cooling properties. This is an important Ayurvedic remedy in the summer to balance the vata and pitta doshas. The phytochemicals the root contains health benefits across all systems for the digestive system, to the immune system and the female hormones. It prevents dehydration and protects from frequent UTIs.
How to Consume
Wash and clean roots well and soak them overnight in drinking water. Strain and consume water. The roots can be reused two-three times.

3.Tadgola and Neera/ Ice Apple

Nature’s cooling and gut soothing jelly-like fruit is Tadgolda. Did you know? Imbalance in the pitta dosa is linked with inflammation and impact on liver health. Consuming Tadgola contains a nutrient storehouse that helps reduce inflammation and detox the liver naturally, thus balances the pitta dosa and improves liver health. Neera is the sap extracted from the Tadgola that is rich source of B-complex vitamins and electrolytes that will help regulate body temperature in the summer heat and also contains substantial amounts of iron and vitamin C making it a boon to fighting anemia.
How to Consume
Consume the fresh, juicy Tadgola fruit as it is and you can consume the Neera with a pinch of rock salt and a spoonful of Subja seeds (basil seeds)

4.Variyali/ Sauf/ Fennel Seeds

One of the most celebrated herbs for it’s ability to calm all three doshas- Pitta,Vatta and Kapha and support the digestive system by calming summer-heat related heart burn, stomach ache, bloating and uncomfortable flatulence. The minty flavoured herb contains antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress in the body and support detox.
How to Consume
You can add a spoonful to hot water and allow to infuse, or consume a spoonful as a mouth-freshner post meals or you can make the Gujurati-special VariyaliSherbat

Here is the recipe

Fennel seeds/ Variyali/ Sauf- 1 cup
Sugar- 1 cup or according to your taste
KhusKhus/ Poppy seeds- 2 tbs
Take all the ingredients in a big bowl and mix well. Grind everything into a very fine powder. Store it in an air tight container or zip lock bag in the refrigerator. Whenever you are ready to make the drink- With water- take a glass, add ice cubes, lemon juice, mint leaves and prepared powder. Add the water and stir well.Serve chilled.

5.Jeera/ Cumin

Cumin is loaded with vitamins and trace minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B1- all these work in harmony to help improve glycemic control, detoxify liver, improve your cholesterol profile, supports the immune system, and ensures better digestion.
How to Consume
Use whole cumin to add tadka to your dals/ curries or cumin powder cane added to your cooking. Whole cumin can be infused in hot water and sipped on as tea.

6.Safed Jamun/ Kala Jamun

This local and seasonal fruit or the Indianblackberry is a hit in this weather because it is so refreshing and helps combat the summer heat. The flavonoids present in the jamun help your immune system to work effectively, regulate blood pressure and soothe inflammation in the gut.
How to Consume
Consume the fruit fresh. Optional: You can sprinkle rock salt before eating. How to consume: Use whole cumin to add tadka to your dals/ curries or cumin powder cane added to your cooking. Whole cumin can be infused in hot water and sipped on as tea.