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Gut and Antibiotics


Gut and Antibiotics

Every time you pop an antibiotic, this is how it impacts your health.

Antibiotic resistance occurs when the strains of the microbes, antibiotics are meant to restrict and kill, develop an ability to negate the effects of these medications.
The repeated overuse of over-the-counter and non-prescribed antibiotics eventually builds an army of bacteria that are completely resistant and thus the medications become ineffective despite the increase in dosage.
Various strains of the bad bacteria such as E.Coli, H. Pylori, C.Difficile develop resistance towards the drugs and find meansto cope and sustain in your body even after treatment with antibiotics.
Similar to how the SARS virus has adapted, mutated, and transformed into a more potent and resilient form.

The extent of modernization, dependency on packaged and processed foods, the dominance of capitalism with the growth of fast-food chains, and how we are choosing convenience over real foods are pushing us to make poor food choices.

Lack of physical activity, high screen-time, inconsistent sleeping patterns, stress, and emotional disharmony is all adding stress on our gut and resulting in poor gut health.
Did you know, about 70% of our immune system lies in the gut? Thus, there is no doubt that due to the constant abuse the gut is no longer able to maintain the gut-barrier-integrity which is crucial to support our immune function and overall health. At the same time, frequent antibiotic consumption causes an imbalance in your gut microbiome, and the decline of the 'good bacteria and overgrowth of ‘bad bacteria' in the gut further impacts our immune system that can negatively impact our body causing diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, Autoimmune Thyroid conditions, Allergy, and Food intolerances as well.
It is my proposed solution that it should be made mandatory to improve the condition of someone suffering from an infection or bacterial overgrowth is to use antibodies as a supplementary treatment while prioritizing changes in the diet and lifestyle patterns.
You can trust a nutritionist/ dietitian/ health coach to help you manage and heal your gut-health conditions like Bloating, Flatulence, GERD (Acid reflux), IBS, Constipation, SIBO (Small intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) with good nutrition, improving fitness levels, and taking care of your health better.
Popping an antibiotic may fix the symptoms first-hand, but that treatment is very short-sighted. When you start looking at your health through a wider perspective, you would realize that the symptoms are only the tip of the ice-berg.
It is a slow and challenging process that requires you to be patient and gentle with your body, but simply put requires two things:

a) Understanding the root cause- including poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and no physical activity, inadequate sleep patterns, bad mental and emotional health, poor lifestyle choices like excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

b) Taking charge of correcting the poor habits and choosing habits that support your gut and overall wellbeing.
Based on research and my own experience of working with people, this shift of mindset has shown a reduction in antibiotic resistance, as once you heal the root cause the medicine will start working more effectively.
One way to support your gut against the side effects of antibiotics is to consciously include real foods, ditch refined sugar, and irritants to your gut like gluten and dairy, while focusing on foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics at least three times a week based on your tolerance levels.
When you start to follow this holistic protocol there will be an improvement in antibiotic resistance, improvement in gut health, immunity, hormonal balance, and overall health.