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Can Diabetics Eat Mangoes?

This is the most frequent question we nutritionists face.

Yes, you can eat as many fruits without worrying!

Many diabetic patients say they experienced a rise in sugar levels with increased mango intake.

But the aetiology says that one of the root causes of diabetes is the low number of antioxidants in the diet. 

The body responds to Oxidative stress by reducing insulin secretion and increasing insulin resistance. The dietary sugar just stays in blood and cells are unable to absorb it.

Fruits are whole plant foods rich in fibre and rich in phytonutrients. There is a dietary phytochemical index depicting the importance of fruits for preventing/reversing diabetes.

The number of fruits consumed is directly proportional to antioxidants entering the body, i.e., you are attacking the root cause of diabetes.

So are extremely sweet fruits like mangoes, chikoos, bananas good for health too?

Absolutely yes!

Just keep in mind that with an increase in fruit intake, we need to concurrently reduce our intake of grains. The average Indian diet usually consists of a mountain of rice with a little bit of dal or sambhar or vegetables on the side.

It should be the opposite. You should have a mountain of fruits and vegetables on your plate, plenty of dal & just enough rice to eat. By reducing rice consumption and increasing fruit consumption simultaneously, sugar levels start to drop.

So, this summer, eat mangoes, reduce rice intake, test your sugar levels & surely it will help you prevent or reverse diabetes.