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Voice It with Karishma Shah
Season - 3

Step into the world of the accomplished and learn what drives them on ‘Voice It’ with Karishma Shah.

Each episode of Voice It brings you engaging conversations with entrepreneurs, actors, health experts, and influential personalities as they share their journey, challenges, and insights on health, wellness, entrepreneurship, luxury and lifestyle.

Tune in to this dynamic and informative podcast for a dose of inspiration, motivation and wisdom.

Episode - 1

In our episode 1 Voice It we had this really amazing conversation with Ayushee Mehta, who is the mastermind behind the luxurious brand, Shilp Wellness. During our chat, Ayushee gave me some valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and wellness. She shared how her grandfather started the brand and how she has taken it to new heights.

Episode - 2

In episode 2 of Voice It with Karishma Shah Season 3, we had this really amazing conversation with Pooja Bedi to impart the wisdom of the potency of mindfulness, and how fostering a mindfulness-based lifestyle can lead to a more profound and enriched life experience.

In this episode we delve into the realm of sensuality, illuminating its significance as an intrinsic aspect of one’s character that has the power to unlock the innermost aspects of oneself, regardless of gender.

Episode - 3

Talking to Ms. Namrata Karad was like holding a signature Ahikoza bag – empowering, inspiring, and unforgettable. Her passion for handbags and entrepreneurship have paved the way for a truly artisanal label that has captured the hearts of red carpet celebrities worldwide.

This conversation in episode 3 of Voice It with Karishma Shah was a reminder that by embracing our passions and skills, we too can leave our mark on the world.

Episode - 4

In the 4th Episode of “Voice It with Karishma Shah”, we dive deep into the personal journeys of a very inspiring individual. We had the pleasure of speaking with Mansi Bajaj, a wellness enthusiast and founder of “The Yoga House” brand.

Mansi’s journey is a reminder that life is a journey, and we all have our own paths to follow. So, join us as we dive deep into Mansi’s story and discover how gratitude and wellness can transform our lives.

Episode - 5

In episode 5 of Voice it with Karishma Shah we had the honor of having Nupur Vaid and Minal Kejriwal, founders of the premium home furnishings brand Kyoona. The brand’s philosophy is centered on putting design at the core of everything they do, creating a lifestyle statement that is eclectic and unforgettable.

Episode - 6

Ajmal Perfumes is a homegrown brand that has made a name for itself in the fragrance industry. Our Guest of the episode – Mr Saurav Bhattacharya is the president – NHA Divisions India at Ajmal & Sons.

Ajmal Perfumes is a brand that is committed to creating the perfect scent for every occasion. The brand’s focus on quality and its unique approach to sourcing ingredients sets it apart in the fragrance industry. Whether you’re looking for a daily essential or a special occasion scent, Ajmal Perfumes has something for everyone.

Episode - 7

At Voice it With Karishma Shah Episode 7, I had a super insightful conversation with Shilpa Khanna Thakkar, the founder of ChicNutrix. As a leading brand in the beauty and nutrition space, ChicNutrix is dedicated to providing women with top-quality wellness solutions that are backed by sound scientific research and ingredient sourcing.

Episode - 8

In my episode of Voice it with Karishma Shah, I had the pleasure of having a candid conversation with Gautam Gupta, co-owner of the label Asha Gautam and founder of GG by Asha Gautam. Gautam’s extensive journey in the fashion industry began at a young age, formally joining his mother’s label in 2003. As we dove deeper into his personal life, Gautam’s love for philosophy, reading, travelling and being a lifelong learner shone through.

Episode - 9

From Passion to Success: The Inspiring Journey of Sappadu, an Authentic South Indian Restaurant Brand, in the Times of COVID – A Conversation with the Founders on Voice it with Karishma Shah

Join us in this exclusive conversation on Voice it with Karishma Shah as we delve into the journey of Sappadu, an authentic South Indian restaurant brand, and its founders’ triumphs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode - 10

Welcome to the 10th episode of “Voiceit with Karishma Shah”, where we have a special guest Prasanna, the founder of TIKITORO, a kids-friendly brand. TIKITORO is a brand that offers products subjected to the extremely stringent ‘Parent test’, ensuring that their products are safe and allergen-free for kids.

During the episode, Prasanna shared her journey of being an entrepreneur from Chennai and how she saw the need for children’s products in the Indian market. She realized the gap and brought in an expert formulator who worked alongside a community of like-minded parents to create products specifically for children and teenagers.

Episode - 11

In this captivating episode, we delve into the remarkable journey of Yuba Aga Khan and Hinshara Habib, the visionary co-founders of Manetain. Yuba, a certified hair stylist with a deep understanding of curly hair, shares her personal struggle with textured hair and the lack of suitable solutions available worldwide.

Inspired by the CG method, Yuba embarked on a quest to build a community and enhance her hair styling expertise, ultimately becoming Mumbai’s first certified curly hair stylist. Alongside building the Manetain empire, Yuba also runs her own studio, The Curl Project, providing a sanctuary for individuals with wavy to curly hair.

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Pooja Bedi
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Mr Saurav
Ajmal Perfumes

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Chic Nutrix

Gautam Gupta
Asha Gautam

Sappadu, Assagao

Sappadu, Assagao

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