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Season - 2

Voice It – is an initiative to bring forward different perspectives on various trending health topics for the betterment of the community.

We are so excited to launch the second season of our podcast: Voice It With Karishma.

This podcast is an essential step to start meaningful discussions by asking important questions to entrepreneurs, sustainable, eco-conscious, and health-care-based organisations, firms, and coaches, and allowing the audience to decide if they resonate with them or not.

We want to give you the freedom to evaluate if the methodology and philosophy of these brands resonate with you.

Episode - 1

We are here with the first episode of Season 2 of our Podcast- Voice It With Karishma. We are excited to share that the first episode features Felicia Dhanani. She, through her desire to want more from her life, owned a passion to create a platform for everyone to have access to personal growth professionals and healers of all kinds. 

The SparkSoul Community continues to grow, and she hopes will create a sense of connection and community transformation from a global perspective. Don’t forget to be a part of our conversations that will help you to make wise decisions.

Episode - 2

Here’s the 2nd episode of our Podcast – Voice It With Karishma Shah Season 2

We are excited to share that the second episode features Anika Parashar, CEO of The Woman’s Company, who focuses on creating and providing women of today with tailor-made intimate wellness and hygiene products; customized for and embracing the changing phases of their bodies; while being mindful of the depleting environment.

Episode - 3

Many women take their reproductive health for granted, but it is vital to understand your own body and identify the things that are normal for you. So, here is a round-up of all things related to PCOS, tackling the truth behind the taboo, with help from Dr. Sulbha Arora – MD, DNB Fellowship in Advanced assisted reproductive techniques

So here we are rolling out our 3rd Episode – PCOS 101 only at Voice It !

Episode - 4

This episode features Devendra Chawla (@itsprolicious), founder of Samyog Health Foods.

Samyog Health Foods is a startup in the plant-based protein space. Its brand Prolicious makes convenient and affordable high-protein foods to help everyone reach their health goals.

He has previously worked at startups including Vista Rooms and Svakarma Finance. He has his Bachelor’s degree from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

Episode - 5

This episode features Valerie Mege (@valibiza), a certified mindset coach, NLP, hypnosis and Timeline Therapy Practitioner.

Valerie is a mindset coach, with a no-fluff, science-based and actionable approach for corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who want to confidently thrive in life and business. She believes that when we know how to manage our minds, we can achieve whatever we want in life and her method proves it.

Episode - 6

This episode features Monika Zampa (@monika_zampa), an outspoken and passionate Speaker, Empowerment Coach & Energy Healer.

An ex-investment banker with 25+ years of inner development journey, Monika effectively mentors powerful career women who secretly sizzled in toxic relationships on how to stop the negative self-talk and create confidence to manifest your ideal lifestyle.

Episode - 7

This episode features Simran Nahata (COO & Cofounder, Truely Health), and Radhika Zaveri (CEO & Cofounder, Truely Health) Radhika( @radhikazaveri00) is deeply passionate about impact and strongly believes that the most effective manner of bringing about lasting change is through entrepreneurship. Her goal is to create and support businesses in any way possible.

Simran (@simran_nahata) is a Healthcare Consultant with a major in Microbiology. As a natural leader, she strongly believes in adding value to and driving growth through the creation of novel products.

Episode - 8

This episode features Vinay Maheshwari- Founder and CEO at The Health Factory (@thehealthfactoryindia) Vinay Maheshwari Created India’s first High-Protein Bread, with carefully selected ingredients and the courage to try something new.

The bakers in the team grew, and now, have a range of ‘pro-nutrition’ products, striving to revolutionize nutrition, one meal at a time.

Episode - 9

This episode features Aman Mohunta, Co-Founder, of AMINU. (@aminu.life) AMINU was conceptualized in June 2019, with the conviction of the founders, who had visualized creating a product line that is truly path-breaking, and innovative and hence needed to be taken to the world.

Driven by a futuristic vision to establish AMINU as a luxury holistic skincare brand, Aman Mohunta, and Prachi Bhandari have worked tirelessly with the R&D team with the intent of being the first brand in India to use high-performance ingredients.

Episode - 10

This episode features Kajol Bafna. She is the CEO and founder of Boss Lady Cosmetics(@bossladycosmeticindia) – vegan, natural and cruelty-free cosmetics that aims to introduce environmentally sustainable, chemical-free, and recyclable products in the market.

Boss Lady Cosmetic range is thoughtfully created with ethically sourced ingredients that are suitable for both men and women irrespective of their sexual orientation, size, color or origin.

Episode - 11

This episode features Sahar Mansoor- founder and CEO of Bare Necessities, a social enterprise rooted in the philosophy of zero-waste, circular economy and sustainability. Sahar is co-author of ‘Bare Necessities – How to lead a zero-waste life’ Published by Penguin Random House.

Her business offers zero-waste personal care, lifestyle, home care and educational products and services, including online sustainability courses.

Episode - 12

This episode features Priya George – Integrative Coach and Therapist, Systemic Family Constellation Facilitator Over the years, she explored various other healing modalities that include Metaphor Therapy, Core Transformation, Aura reading& cleansing, Chakra reading& cleansing, Past Life Regression, and Crystal Healing.

She is also a certified Family Constellation- a process that has the power to shift suffering and unhappiness that has been carried unconsciously over several generations

Episode - 13

This episode features Siddharth Ramasubramanian- Founder & CEO Hello Tempayy ( @hello_tempayy) Hello Tempayy, is a versatile, plant-based, protein-rich food for the contemporary Indian kitchen.

This tasty, ready-to-cook offering is a new source of balanced nutrition for vegetarians and conscious foodies that seeks to add variety to their meals. It is made by fermenting the best-quality non-GMO soybeans in a custom-built facility in Bengaluru.

Episode - 14

This episode features Jai Virdi and Sarva Mukhi (@its.foodforthought) Sarva is driven by ideas & more by seamless execution. With a diverse background in start ups, film, writing, finance & retail distribution –

Sarva brings a blend of operational, marketing & financial expertise to be the ‘backend guy’. He has also founded a website development company called The Sunday Company.

Jai is the front end guy at Food for Thought because of his expertise in marketing, people management & customer success. He has also founded a marketing firm called ENABLE which caters primarily to the e-commerce space.

Episode - 15

This episode features Mrs Krishna Tamalia Vora (@momstherapy_official) A lawyer by profession with over ten years’ experience turned into a wellness and Ayurvedic expert and entrepreneur at 35. Mrs Krishna Tamalia Vora is passionate and an avid follower of Ayurveda and everything clean and herbal.

She started “Mom’s Therapy” to spread awareness and give back to society in the most authentic and meaningful way.

Episode - 16

This episode features Bhaskara Seth – Co-founder of Neemli Naturals Conscious. (@neemli) Honest and a Straight Shooter Bhaskara has been at the helm of getting Neemli to the world. His genuine approach reflects with Neemli’s brand personality as a lot of him is its brand projection. He’s been there since the start manning the stalls, packaging, and social media.

Over the years their interest and passion have grown and today he’s part of product inception at the Neemli Lab as well, checking trends in the market and advising on future product releases.

Episode - 17

This episode features Mr. Sukrit Goel, founder of Cannazo India (@cbd.cannazoindia) He decided to launch the Ayurvedic (natural) medicinal and wellness products in the honor of his grandmother and started the mission to make zero side effect NATURAL PRODUCTS accessible to everyone.

Hence CANNAZOINDIA was born to bring to you products that reap the benefits of Hemp, Medical Cannabis Leaf Extract and other Herbs. They believe in a 3-point policy that is “Sustainability”, “Consumer Devotion” and “Innovation” which is their startup’s primary focus.

Episode - 18

This episode features Mr. Ganesh Iyer. Mr. Ganesh Iyer is India’s first and only certified water sommelier.

He has been instrumental in the launch of various beverage brands such as Evian, Ferrarelle, Himalayan Glenmorangie, Smirnoff Black, Orangina, Perrier, Qua in the Indian market.

Episode - 19

This episode features Rahul Badesra , Co-Founder, Environmanly Environmanly is a lifelong passion conceptualised in 2020 when Rahul and Ali noticed a stark gap in India’s men’s personal care space.

Amid the pandemic, they took time to assess this market, and their findings made them conclude that the men’s segment lacks a product that has quality, efficacy and sustainability. They have incorporated this finding and have innovated the products keeping in mind modern science and technology to provide clean, all-natural personal care benefits without harming the environment.

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Food for thought

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Sahar Mansoor
Bare Necessities

Siddharth R
Hello Tempayy

Monica Zampa
Empowerment Mentor

Deeksha Grover C
Life coach & trainer

Priya George
Integrative coach

Rahul Badesra

Aishwarya Swarna Nir
Global Beauty Secrets

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