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Corporate Wellness Program By Health Expert Karishma Shah

What Is The Program About

What Is The Program About?

A corporate wellness program is an employers’ approach towards achieving a healthy workplace by incorporating various health activities within the daily work schedule to promote their employees’ wellbeing. This basically takes a holistic approach towards the health of employees by creating a supervisory health culture.

Who Should Enroll For This Program?

The benefits of corporate wellness programs are manifold. Creating wellness programs help in solving various workplace health risks arising from the consumption of unhealthy food and drinks, stress, lack of physical activity and more. These measures, in particular, help in cultivating a sense of being healthy

The benefits of corporate wellness programs are manifold
Why To Enroll In This Program

Why To Enroll In This Program?

Using a corporate wellness program allows employers to run multiple wellness challenges over a period of time. Moreover, it also lets the employers incentivize the employees who are able to achieve their health goals at the end of every challenge.

What Will You Receive?

Wellness programs typically include activities such as weight loss competitions, exercise, stress management or resilience education, smoking cessation programs, and wellness assessments that are designed to help individuals or employees eat better, lose weight and improve their physical health and physical activity.

What Will You Receive Corporate Wellness

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