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Questions Answered About Integrative Life Coaching By Karishma Shah

Who Is A Life Coach ?

A life coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment.

Why Do I Need A Life Coach ?

Life coaching improves confidence and self-esteem, increases life satisfaction and happiness levels, lowers stress levels and helps you have a more peaceful mind.

Where Can I Get A Life Coach ?

We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of the people we work with. We provide care, gratitude and support services to people so that they can live their lives on their own terms.

Our Best Life Coaching Services In Mumbai Can Help You With:

  • Identifying your goals and defining a vision of success

  • Identifying limiting beliefs

  • Obtaining work/life balance

  • Improves communication skills

  • Fitness goals

  • Articulating core values

  • Change the direction of your life

  • Change or improve your career

What Does A Life Skills coach Do ?

Life skills coaches prepare learners to deal effectively with personal issues by guiding them through activities such as self-discovery and behaviour identification exercises.