Karishma Shah Nutrition

Questions Answered About Diabetes Management By Deititian Karishma Shah

Is Honey Good For Diabetics ?

If taken in moderation, honey is good for people with diabetes and offers multiple health benefits because of its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Can Diabetics Eat Fruit ?

If diabetic people keep an eye on their sugar intake then they can add fruits in their daily meal plan.

Can Diabetics Donate Blood? 

People with diabetes can donate blood only under normal health conditions. Their blood sugar levels should be stable at the time of blood donation.

Can Diabetes Be Cured Permanently ?

No, diabetes can not be cured permanently. It is an ongoing disease. However, one can achieve normal blood sugar levels without medications by following a healthy and balanced diet

Can Diabetes Be Cured Without Medicine ?

Diabetes can’t be cured with or without medication. There is no permanent cure for diabetes in the medical world till this day.

Can Ayurveda Cure Diabetes ?

Neither ayurveda could cure diabetes nor could any other treatment or medicine in the world. It still remains an ongoing disease till this day.

How Does Diabetes Affect The Eyes ?

Diabetes can lead to swelling in the macula, which is called diabetic macular edema. this disease can destroy the sharp vision in this part of the eye, leading to partial vision loss or blindness.

How To Use Insulin Plant Leaves For Diabetes ?

Doctors recommend chewing a leaf of this plant every day for one month to see the effective results in sugar levels.

What Glucose Level Is Considered Diabetic ?

At 2 hours, a blood sugar level of 140 mg/dL or lower is considered normal, 140 to 199 mg/dL indicates you have prediabetes, and 200 mg/dL or higher indicates you have diabetes.