Mindful Eating: Nutritionist Karishma Shah opines on Mindful Nutrition for Healthy Eating

Things to know about mindful eating

Turn food from foe to friend with developing eating habits through mindfulness. Mindfulness unlocks your senses. Mindful nutrition is the key to reclaim the joy of eating and a practice of changing nutrition behaviours, incorporating relationship between you and food. It is about using mindfulness to reach a state of full attention to your experiences, cravings and physical cues while eating. Karishma Shah of Integrative Health Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach tells us how to practice mindfulness while eating.

Following are the ways to practice mindful nutrition through:

  • Your body’s own wisdom about what, when, why and how much to eat, and whether you are hungry and the food you choose is healthy and nutritious.
  • Your habits and patterns with food like chewing thoroughly and eating slowly.
  • Satisfaction of fullness.
  • Developing a more compassionate attitude towards eating without any distraction, focusing on how the food makes you feel, engaging your senses by noticing the colours, aroma, sounds, texture and flavours of the food.

Benefits of mindful eating

Mindful nutrition (i.e. paying attention to our food, on purpose, moment by moment, without judgment) fulfils the criteria in changing your approach to eating behaviour. It can make a difference in helping you with diabetes, eating disorders, overweight by changing your eating behaviours. This technique is worth considering over your conventional diets as it can help in greater control over your eating and nutritional habits.

Are you eating food nutritionally healthy and emotionally comforting?

The primary aspects of developing mindfulness are having a commitment to regular practice and intentionality. By changing the way of thinking about food, the negative feelings that may be associated with eating are replaced with awareness, improved self-control and positivity. It puts you in charge of your responses.


Eating mindfully is about bringing full awareness to each plate or bite of food. Mindful nutrition supports the sense of non-judgmental and self-accepting. It encourages you to appreciate food rather than restricting it and starving. Your purpose for eating will shift from the intention of feeling full of food, to the intention of feeling full of energy and vitality. A mindful living helps you to cherish each moment of your life and makes you happy.

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