Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome has been a common yet scary disorder. The prevalence rate among adolescent girls has immensely increased. Researchers even state that most of the victims suffering from PCOS are unaware of their condition.

What is PCOS?

The girls who are suffering from PCOS develop small and varied cysts ( due to hyperandrogenism) on the ovaries continuously which affects the hormonal activity and in return leads to ( increase in testosterone levels)  irregular menstrual period along with the decreased rate of fertility. This hormonal imbalance has been proven to be a major cause of PCOS. The symptoms such as acne, excessive growth of body hair, obesity, scalp balding, and so on.

However, no one symptom can be considered to be a sign of PCOS.

Impact Of PCOS:

PCOS is a menace since it has both psychological and physiological impacts. With increasing weight, PCOS brings increasing trauma to life. The mental condition of the victims starts deteriorating due to feelings of shyness and poor socio-cultural interaction. PCOS victims start getting concerned about their body image and may develop depression and other mood disorders. If PCOS is not controlled in time it might lead to severe conditions such as Diabetes and uterine cancer.

Impact of Lifestyle on PCOS:

If you are diagnosed with PCOS you should start doing things mindfully rather than mindlessly.

The way you live your life, the manner in which you satisfy your hunger, the intensity in which you move your body, the quality, quantity, and choice of food have an overall impact on your health i.e on PCOS. It’s necessary to make changes to your lifestyle to deal with PCOS. There’s no medicine that can cure your PCOS but your lifestyle can definitely reverse your PCOS.  There’s an ultimate need to swap your poor lifestyle habits for satisfactory lifestyle habits.

Lifestyle comprises all the phenomena of daily functioning. It’s not only about your physical health but also about your mental health, your sleeping pattern, your personal hygiene, your environment, and your fitness as well.

These basic changes like,

  • Maintaining a calorie count
  • Getting more physically active
  • Accepting your body
  • Keeping your mind calm
  • Seeking out help from a professional
  • Giving up unhealthy foods

and many more can contribute to a better lifestyle which can in turn reverse PCOS.

However, there are various technicalities to deal with hence It is necessary to reach out to a professional either a Doctor, Dietician, or Nutritionist. The modifications made into our daily lifestyle can be harmful if made in an inappropriate manner. Since making it a point to perform these changes and moderate your PCOS only and only under expert supervision.

Don’t allow PCOS to overpower you, make the necessary efforts and reverse your PCOS. It’s a journey worth reversing.

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